Regain Your Power.
Take Back Your Life.

Learn The Tools And Strategies That Give You The Freedom
To Be Yourself Again.


Does Your Life Feel

Do you feel like the needs of others are more important than your own?

Would you like more meaningful relationships?

Are you struggling to get what you want out of life?

It's Completely Possible To Take Back Your Power

Stop Doubting Yourself

Create The Freedom To Live Life On Your Own Terms

Create An Unshakeable Sense Of Self

Know You'll Be Ok...Even When Times Are Tough

Learn How To Apply Your NEW "Emotional" Toolbox

Know How To Attract What You Want In Life

Lovingly Set Boundaries And Honor Yourself First

All While Serving Others As You (And They) Wish

The Journey To
Reclaiming Your Power

Learn Your Resources
Already Within

You already have what you need.  It's in there.  You can tap into this bountiful set of resources.  You just need to learn how to do that.

Regain Your

Use your new found resources.  Accept things as they are - simply an experience.  Then move forward taking the lessons with you.

Take Back
Your Life

Confidently control the flow of your life.  Practicing self care that enables you to powerfully command your will, determination, compassion, and spirit.

Even When Times Get Tough

What Are Others Saying About Sara?

Sara is a brilliant, kind, and gentle coach who makes you feel at ease and peace instantly. She helps to get greater understanding of the areas most in need of attention in order to make the necessary progress by helping to view those areas from a different perspective. After each session I feel a lot more clarity, much more at peace with myself and the world around me and as a result more inclined to be kinder to myself and others.

-MM - Leads

I was motivated by your own miraculous transformation and positivity, so I thought, what have I got to lose, I would like a bit of what she’s taking! The course has definitely made a noticeable difference to my approach and outlook on life. I am much more positive and happier, I still need improvement with resilience I think. I use the tools I learned every day and even helped my daughter with some grounding exercises when she was upset. The course exceeded my expectations. It has changed my outlook on life and it’s great to know there’s a group of supportive women I can turn to if I need to. Thank you very much for your time and effort and how much you gave of yourself.

-SH - Shropshire

I didn’t have any expectations but hoped my mind could be calmed and opened to other possibilities, as I’ve been stuck on the same record for nearly all my life! The course has definitely given me a different outlook on life and also made me aware of my thoughts and feelings towards myself and others. I really enjoyed the course and I didn’t want it to end!! I am and will continue to make changes towards improving my life. I will also be looking to you for further encouragement and am extremely grateful for being given this opportunity. Thank you again Sara, you are a true inspiration, and I took a lot of comfort from your talks and explanations.

-GW - North Wales

After our session on Friday, interestingly all the symptoms I shared with you – low energy, forgetfulness have disappeared. I am no longer exhausted (my motivation levels still need to step up a gear) but overall, I feel so much better, I am running at 80% instead of 2% now.

-BF - Stafford

Sara Goode is exceptional in her traumatic experience and so inspiring, empathetic, and understandable.

-AL - North Wales

Who Is Sara Goode

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Sara Goode

I’m an experienced Life Coach who works with women on all layers of their self-development, by bringing in the spiritual, energetic, and emotional aspects that are needed to fundamentally shift your perspective. I started coaching after a life-threatening event in 2015 led me to rebuild my own life from the inside out. The tools I had to master to make the shift from despair and apathy to joy and freedom are those I trained in, and now use to help other women discover their own unshakeable sense of Self, and with it a peaceful power to live the life of their own choosing. I work with many women who have experienced childhood trauma and controlling relationships that have prevented them from ever experiencing true freedom. Together we reframe past experiences so you can consciously choose your most fulfilling future, without any of the baggage that previously held you back.

About Sara

Sara has spoken Internationally about her story and is currently working on TV series showcasing the transformational journey of some of her clients. She is a Robbins-Madanes Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and Reiki practitioner. She is a founding committee member of the award-winning Wrexham Critical Care Support Group (Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board), and a Trustee of the International Hermeneutic Society Charity based at Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat, the oldest permanent yoga centre in the UK. Traditional hermeneutics " a means of finding practical ways to apply the insights gained for personal development and wellbeing. Ultimately working towards self-integration of thought, feeling and will, thereby raising our individual consciousness to a higher level.”

Sara Goode
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